Beyond All Beliefs!
Healing Meditation
Jhe'shua's teaching on eternal life and eternal youthfulness...
When you follow this specific meditation to raising your vibration long enough (Every day 1 hour in the morning and 30 minutes at night for up to 2 years), you will begin to see its results and you will begin to heal inside and out!
You will begin to notice physical changes in your appearance.
Your wrinkles will begin to slow its damage. Your skin will retract back to its elasticity and your flaps of skin will retract back to normal.
Allot of things will happen including your melanocytes which give color to your hair. This will allow your hair to re-grow its natural color. If you have grey hair, your hair color will begin to return after about a year to two years as it takes about a year for your hair to go through a full cycle. The DHT system is caused by an enzyme called 5-AR (5 Alpha-Reductase) which applies to both women and men. It is an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT which acts as hydrochloric acid on your hair follicles and causes your hair to fall out. All of these elements cause you to age when you are deficient in certain things. When your vibration is too low, those mitochondria within your cells are not charged. You’re not producing enough Hyaluronic Acid, vitamins, collagen and proteins.
Jhe’shua continued to explain; HA is responsible for 100% of the collagen production n your body. Your eyes are made of 90% collagen. The vitreous humor also within your eyes is created from HA. Without these things, your eyes would begin to degrade without HA producing collagen; because collagen is a direct result of HA. Your vitreous humor within your eyes will not recycle. You will begin to develop particulates in your eyes and develop cataracts.
He continues… After a very long period of time, the pressure in your eyes will begin to lessen and your eyes will become oblong. Your vision will change and this is just one example of how "NOT" raising your vibration through meditation over a long period of time will effect one part of your body.
Your entire body is made of 90% collagen and you have the other 10% which are the fluids within your spinal column and between your joints. The vitamins and proteins that your cells produce in addition to HA and collagen are also directly responsible for cartilage production as well.
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In the beginning was the word! The word was with God and the word WAS God! God is the mighty thinker… We are nothing but a thought! Yes.. a single thought… Consciousness is “Vibration & Frequency” together that is wholly responsible for all that is! We are not the very first thought, but we are an echo of the first thought! Frequency and vibration is the pure consciousness that permeates throughout all existence simultaneously.

We are the past, present and future and everything in between. Just one single thought is responsible for the single synapse that happened billions of years ago which scientists call the big bang!

Our universe is just one single neuron living inside the trillions of other neurons that make up the infinite multi-dimensional existences of everything.

From the macro to the micro that has no end and no beginning. Just one single thought is responsible for all that is!

God thinks, therefore we are!