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About The Author:

In 1970 at the age of three during an eclipse of the sun, Paul Halonen suffered a blow to the head from a baseball bat. This had caused the original soul to leave Paul’s body and the present one to enter.

At the age of 14, Paul had his 3rd eye opened after receiving an accidental blow to his forehead while walking into a 2×4 sticking out the back of a parked truck. Over the next day or two Paul had seen a vision of how he could open up a portal to communicate with his sister who had passed on 3 years prior. Paul had successfully opened the portal but did not know how to close it. Instead of actually closing it, he had asked the entity to use his vessel as a portal. Paul then became tormented day and night as he heard hundreds of voices some entities from the place between the dimensions and others from the multiverse. Some were his past and future selves and some were his ancestors.

Eventually, he had direct guidance by Jhe’shua and Paul began his journey of healing through Jhe’shua’s meditation. In 2001 all of the voices had stopped but when the voices stopped, so did Paul’s meditation sessions. As a result of that, in 2005 Paul began suffering migraines and physical pain, so he eventually began meditating occasionally on a monthly basis and in 2006 he began a new stage in his spiritual growth. He began to receive telepathic communications from his true star family the more he meditated. This continued gradually over the next 10 years.

In 2016, Paul changed his name to Kah-Len while in a deep meditation Paul had begun feeling that the name no longer resonated with him but for telepathic purposes he needed to keep the same vibration as Paul Halonen so his star families and council members can continue to communicate with him. So Paul then named himself Kah-Len. This holds the same frequency when Paul Halonen when pronounced as one whole word.

Kah-Len’s true name is A’ndassi and A’ndassi is an Archturian from New Lyra. New Lyra is a planet that orbits the star Atlas in the Pleiades cluster. A’ndassi is from the Clan Semjase pronounced “Semyassie”. Semjase was a Queen and Jhe’shua was her husband before A’tlaisia (Atlantis).

(“J” is pronounced “Y” in Plejarin pronounced “Pleyarin” which is Pleiadian).

There are many different races in the Pleiades with over 60+ different planets orbiting 7 stars. Pleiadian is not a race and is only the place or star system we are from.

A’ndassi is from the Galactic Alliance Aka: Federation of Planets and the Conclave of Masters as High Ambassador and Fleet Commander.

A’ndassi and Jhe’shua had originally come to Terra/Earth to colonise Atlantis.

A’ndassi is very close friend to Jhe’shua pronounced “Yeshua” (The real Jesus) Who is the King of Kings. We are all here now working side by side with Jhe’shua to fight a war without violence and bring Haven/Heaven on Earth. Apart from writing this book about the truth, we have been laying down the foundation for a new hemp technology business specifically designed to replace all petroleum fuel with hemp, replace all plastic with bio-degradable plastic and create new circuits and computer sustems with hemp technology. Through this we will remove the cost of living and remove all debt. One step at a time, we will achieve our goal. We are on the Father’s timeline now.

Acts 1:11

“Men of Galilee,” they said, “why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.”


Mathew 24:27

“For just as the lightning comes from the east and flashes even to the west, so will the coming of the Son of Man be.


Unfortunately the entire world is looking at the clouds thinking that he will float down out of a cloud.  When in reality, he left in an actual space ship and arrived back in a space ship! In the 70’s he was shot down coming in from the east and crashed landed in the US.

Peace be with you!


When you look at this universe we live in, you will see that it all resembles one giant neuron. One neuron in our brain compared to our whole universe. The only difference is its scale. The macro and the micro… The “Big Bang” was the synapse or “Thought” that created us. There are many millions of neurons or universes within the father’s brain just as there are millions of neurons in our own. We are also the macro to our micro to which there is no beginning or no end.


God thinks, therefore we are!


Vibration + Frequency = “Pure Consciousness”

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