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Paul Halonen is the name given to me in 1967 but in 2016 I went through an “Ego Death” and gave myself the name to Kah-Len while in a deep meditation. Meditation has been the source of my healing along with prayer for my guidance. Until now, I have been a student of life on this planet. Now I am in the position to teach and guide the world into ascension.

I am here to share this direct knowledge of healing and ascension given to me directly by the Father called “Om” (Aum) and his son Jhe’shua.




Life was a very long and treacherous road! 

My spiritual life began at the age of four when Jhe’shua came to me in my room.
But my journey started at three years old after being beaten up with a baseball bat by kids and bullied throughout school.
 Losing my 14 year old sister to suicide and opening a portal at the age of 14 that I could not control or close only to face interdimensional and psychological torment. I went through six months of suicide watch at the age of 15 and healed myself from paranoid schizophrenia through meditation without medication. The last of the voices ended in February 2000. 

In 1993 I had lost touch with myself through worry over money and that caused a separation from my soul because worry separated me from trusting the father. Even though I didn’t drink or do drugs, the deep routed feeling of shame overcame me and had kept me from seeking any help.  This downward spiral began when my first wife’s dietary requirement was not being met. She could not keep down any food no matter how much she tried! She would vomit after every meal causing me to go back into the fridge and get her something else to try. I would have to cook on average 9 or 10 meals a day just for her. She eventually seemed to keep sushi down but that didn’t last long either. This now became a major concern as she rapidly starting to lose weight. Her weight went from 115lbs to 90lbs practically over night. I panicked and somewhere in there I forgot my connection to the father. I began to doubt and began being resentful for all of my pain and suffering as I began blaming myself for everything. Instead of trusting, I felt unworthy to receive and I began to panic over food and finances.

One day, after going to the church where I was involved in playing bass for the band I asked the pastor for food for my wife. He complained saying I had asked him 3 times in two days so his answer was no. With this, he told me to get a job at McDonalds. I was a full time care taker for my wife, so at the time I couldn’t take on a job even if it was part time.

After three days of continuous worry and feeling ashamed, I decided to pray once to the father. I was too ashamed to even                                                                                                                                                 approach the father but I did. I said, “Father, I know you hear me…” “Please allow us to eat today!” 

Having 3 cents in my pocket, I was quickly reminded of his grace from 1985 Lloydminster trip. Walking through a convenience store attached to the Capri Hotel as a short cut, I used 2 pennies to buy a piece of double bubble chewing gum. I thanked God for the 3 cents as I walked out through the back and that’s when I began feeling a physical magnetic pull & push toward some parked vehicles. This physical pull caused me to walk over to one of them and get down on my knees to look underneath.

When I got down, I saw a large pile of new untouched lottery scratch tickets about 25 in total. (I would not have seen them if I did not get on my knees). Scratching each one I ended up with 3 $2, 3 $50 and 1 $100 winner. With this $256 I gave thanks to the father and went to buy a large turkey.

That night I connected to the father after going months of ignoring him. I asked him for the solution to Judy’s problem with not keeping down any food since after the turkey dinner didn’t do anything for her.

The following morning while heading to a job interview with Taco Time, I came across a big bag of marijuana right next to the sidewalk next to a field (roughly 3 oz.’s worth). Taking it home, Judy asked to try some as a tea. She did… and low and behold, she started to eat and not throw up. It gave her the munchies and she began gaining her weight back. Some I sold for cheap and some I gave to my brother to help him out financially as well. This was the miracle we needed. Going to her doctor with this new found information, he wrote her a prescription for the synthetic THC called marinol.

Soon after this, my brother came to stay at my place and he ended up bringing in friends when I was out and Judy was in the hospital undergoing blood sugar adjustments. Walking in the door, I saw roughly six people with a pile of cocaine on the kitchen table.

I lost it… I ended up kicking everyone out including my brother and dumped the drugs down the sink. That evening, I saw a black panther with bright green eyes sitting next to my wife’s side of the bed.

When Judy returned from the hospital 3 days later, she screamed as she crawled   into the bed. The black panther was sitting on her chest viciously attacking her so I then placed my hand in front of her chest and commanded the beast to leave sending it to the second dimension.

I hadn’t thought to get rid of it when I first saw it because I was not in a very good mental state to properly use my discernment. When I saw it, it looked like a very beautiful calm animal sitting and waiting patiently on Judy’s side of the bed. Drugs cary entities, and the Panther was one of those entities!

That evening, my brother was attacked by someone with a baseball bat and received a cracked skull and a broken hand. He hated the hospital, so he left as soon as they were finished operating on his mangled hand.

I disconnected from the father once again and this time, something in me broke… I felt I was giving up as the pressure of looking after a terminally ill wife had taken its toll but in reality I was being attacked by a group of local warlocks.

I didn’t see it even though I have always had the ability. I didn’t defend myself, so I just kept on sinking further and further.

I finally took the pastors advice to get a part time job. Handing out one resume as I decided I wanted a job with Taco Time. My trouble became worse with the more shame I felt. I didn’t have any reason for the shame… I just felt it. I could not even face the father or my own soul… I felt 100% damaged as if I committed an unforgivable sin. In reality, it was mind control tactics of black magic being used against me.

I soon ended up stealing from my boss losing my job because my paycheck was only $110 and my rent was not covered previously overspending on marijuana as the synthetic stuff wasn’t living up to the real stuff for Judy. So I doctored a check to read $1100… We paid our rent but it added to my shame.

I then applied for gas station credit cards to use them to buy cartons of cigarettes. I went to sell them at the college for cash just so I can buy food. But Judy’s sister caught me selling cigarettes and told her parents and church friends.

I screwed up even more with stealing from someone’s locker and eventually ended up going to jail for a short while. I quickly became the “talk of the town” Judy’s parents blamed me for eating all the food and not feeding my wife but that wasn’t the case at all. I was blamed and never believed. I was hated…

Shortly after I got out of jail, Judy fell ill and ended up on dialysis. After she arrived home from the hospital her mother had stolen our mail, cut our keys and went through great lengths to change our phone bill and cancelled our cable. She then rerouted all of our mail to her place without Judy’s or my knowledge. In doing this, she kept Judy’s disability checks and refused to give any to me for our rent. The same day Judy arrived                                                                                                                                                 home; she slipped on an ice cube in front of the fridge and broke her leg… back to the hospital she went!

Her mother had been secretly going behind our backs to illegally act as Judy’s power of attorney. Keeping all Judy’s checks, she would threaten to call the police when I would argue with her. Since my welfare check was included with Judy’s disability check that her mother refused to give me stating that I owed them for all the food they gave us, I no longer had finances to live and was forced to move out of our apartment and onto the streets. 

Going to welfare after that, I had stated I had no home, so they gave me an emergency check for $60 and cut me off until I had a fixed address and a job. But now I had a criminal record… I had dug myself a hole!

Judy had no choice but to live back home with her parents as they kept me on a Friday schedule between 6pm and 8pm. The only time I could visit her and then they stopped giving the phone to Judy when I called. Bernice Mymka (Her mother) would hang up on me and stopped letting me in when I would hit the apartment buzzer on my Friday evening visits.

My mother in-law had Munchhausen by proxy syndrome. Now she was receiving the praise she was looking for by her church friends and its leaders. But they didn’t know that Judy’s mother had been pouring salt on all of her food and used powdered french onion soup mix in everything.

Salt is poison to someone on dialysis… Judy’s kidneys couldn’t take it anymore and soon passed away. It was on the same day that I had finally found a job out of town in Vancouver. It was now 5 days after her death and nobody even tried to notify me. Even though my number was in Judy’s purse. When I did find out, the answer I received was “You didn’t deserve to be at her funeral!”

Stricken with grief of Judy’s passing I stepped on the city bus and never got off until I was finally kicked off of his last route. Judy passed away on October 25th 1996. 

Later that month, I called the Mymka’s to try and get my belongings and our photo albums that her parents placed in storage, I was abruptly met with Judy’s sister Cindy who had told me they threw everything out and to never call again. 

The only pictures I have of Judy are the 2 photos on this page.

I became an outcast to all of my friends from their church and never looked back.

I eventually got off the streets in Vancouver but I just couldn’t live with myself. Suicide crossed my mind many times having carried guilt of not being there for her in the end. She loved me deeply but through my own shame, I couldn’t even face her. I felt like a complete and utter failure.

10 years later I got married and had a baby girl September 2007 but that soon ended up in Description: C:\Users\ACER\AppData\Local\Temp\art850738434\11.jpga bitter divorce and separation from my daughter. The rest of this story is being written for this book… I truly hope that someday my daughter will get to know me better than her present stepfather. 

In 2013 I then lost my third wife Sandy Austin to Cystic Fibrosis but this one died peacefully in my arms and I received closure and I was able to let go of the guilt from my first loss on that day.  My connection to the father and my soul was finally restored on that day she left to the transitional realm April 7th 2013. I said “Choose wisely my love!” as I asked the father for her to recycle into a new body right away.


I had known all of these things would come to pass, because back in 1981 at the age of 14, the father came to me when my third eye was opened. It happened by accident when I walked into the edge of a 2×4 sticking out of the back of a truck. It cracked my pineal gland just enough to remove the porcelain like coating caused from all of the years of drinking fluoride in the water. That same night as I was about to fall asleep, I began to cry. I didn’t know why but it was the worst emotional cry… deeper than morning for my wife! I continued to cry for three days uncontrollably; without sleep and without any reason.

Eventually I finally cried myself to sleep and slept for at least two days. I dreamed of earthquakes and space ships. I watched people in turbans along with their children killing themselves with a sword and millitia militants gathering in parks and school grounds. 

After this, I found myself sitting upright in my bed speaking in an unfamiliar language as I awoken to my own voice.

I then began to speak in English…

This was the message:  

My son, be still… Know that I am your father. I AM THE I AM… My soul gives life to all that is! I have sent you to prepare the way for my time. I have given you the tools but now you need to become strong. You must fight through your suffering from here on in! 
It will be hard and treacherous until my time. Like iron through the fire you must endure and be strong. You will be the flame to light the way. The world will become chaotic, confused and lost and it will be you to bring the calm. Know that I am always with you! You walk through the fires but will not be burned. You must endure in order to help the people of the world through an event that is like no other. Here is the time… 19, 30, 49, 52 the beginning of the event! 
Know I am with you. You are my son!”

Interpretation of the numbers… When I was 19 years old (1st number) Jhe’shua came to me 3 times in a vision then the father told me I would meet him face to face in my physical body when the event draws near. Then 30 years later (2nd number) it was 2016 when I met Jhe’shua and I was 49 years old (3rd number). I am now 52 and the event is about to begin!


Part 10



Chapter 40:  Who or What is God?


First off, let me ask you this question. What is a man without his word?

In order to understand the importance of this question we need to first look at man’s character. A man who does not keep his word is not much of a man is he? God’s “word” is NOT the bible! It is about keeping his word!

I am sure most or all of you agree with this answer.  Also, I need to first explain what the word Man truly means because I hear many of you now asking the question “How do you know God is a man?”

The word “Man” means “MIND” and “Hu” is the vibration and frequency of its soul or “star”. The word “Woman” ads much more to the meaning as it is not only a Soul with consciousness, but means Giver of Life with Consciousness. The true you and I is our “astral body/soul” and not our “physical” body!

God itself/himself is consciousness and the man and woman together are one. The father is the one aspect of a greater conscious.  He created the Divine Mother since he “the father” has no so physical body and or reproductive organs. The divine mother gave birth to the very first “HuMan” male who just so happens to be Jhe’shua. Jhe’shua had to be born from a virgin since he being the very first “male or Adam” of all creation as the father did not inseminate the divine mother but still brought forth his life and consciousness through the Divine Mother.

Jhe’shua “The beginning and the end/Alpha and Omega” is the Father’s first and “only begotten son”. This means that all of the ones after Jhe’shua did not come directly from the father.  Jhe’shua has such unique DNA that will prove this. His DNA is “YY” Not XY or XX as male and female, but YY. Jhe’shua is the only one who has and never will be reincarnated because he will never die!

Jhe’shua was first created on Sirius and from there; many humans and many races were formed throughout the cosmos. Aliens are all “HuMans” and every one of them is a soul with a consciousness!

Jhe’shua’s physical body has never died. The closest he had come to it was 2000 years ago when he went to the cross. After arriving back to the tomb where his physical body was sleeping, he meditated within his astral body over his physical body to heal it. He meditated on a real live breathing star at his center which in turn regenerated the mitochondria of his cells that were broken down. Once he had awoken from his sleep in his physical body, he then appeared to Mary Magdalene (Eve 2.0) and then saw a few of his friends before being taken back up in the ship to go to the Pleiades.

When he first arrived here on earth, he came looking like a few months old child from the Pleiades. It was the “ship” or “star” above that dropped him off in the manger. He has lived from the beginning, but he had to come to this planet through covert means to bring peace. So a “virgin birth” similar to his real birth was it. Otherwise, he would have been rejected and killed since the control of the people was tightened using religion. Appearing as a child, he was able to remain here and help us find our way back home and the direction is through our hearts.

Jhe’shua continues to heal his age through the same way I explained when he came to his body in the tomb. He had told me we all have this ability when we spend at least 1 hour a day in meditation… every one of us!


The Father and Jhe’shua have shown me how and what we will do to win this war without violence. I have been given the task to write a four part series. The fourth book will be the solution for the world in solving all of our problems along with bringing back the ancient technologies from my time in A’tlaisia (Atlantis).

HERE IS THIS PLAN IN ACTION… We have created a new business called        MPaQ Computing, LLC.

We are accepting investors!

MPaQ Computing, LLC. (MPaQ stands for “Impact” and Computing means to think.
I am the General Manager for MPaQ Computing, LLC and A’drieiuous from New Lyra is its President and CEO.
Our goal is the Father’s instruction on saving this planet through replacing all petroleum products with industrial hemp!
All plastics become 100% biodegradable and all fuel becomes “non toxic” to the environment!
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