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Creation in its most basic form:

Before there was light and all matter there was the existence of frequency along with vibration. This frequency and vibration is in essence what you could call pure consciousness. We tend to separate energy from thought and matter etc. but the reality is that all things including thought are made of vibration and frequency.

Our universe is just one “single” neuron inside the mind of all creation.   The “big bang” was the “synapse” that happened when he thought of creating us! In a nutshell, we are simply just “Thought”. The entire universe is just “one” neuron… God thinks, therefore we are!

We all are connected and intertwined with all creation and all creation existing together as a whole is the pure consciousness of the creator. We cannot separate ourselves from creation. We can only raise or lower our own vibration and frequency which in essence attracts or expels energy to or away from us.

Thought or (Vibration + Frequency) existed before light and light is the direct result of raising the frequency and vibration to a higher level. Vibration and frequency or “consciousness” is raised so high that it creates photons. Photons that vibrate at high frequencies create quarks, raising the quark levels higher creates matter and the highest frequency in the known universe is a sun or star (A star is just a sun only much further away). All of the elements that exist are literally made up of pure thought and pure thought is simply vibration and frequency!  

The opposite of the highest vibration and frequency is a black hole. Every star or sun has a negative core (Black Hole) and a positive chromosphere. When the star begins to shine its brightest, it begins to absorb its core to the point that the black hole disappears. As the star begins to die, the black hole becomes evident. When a star burns out, only the black hole is left.

Having a basic understanding of both vibration and frequency is important to understanding the universe. It has been taught however in church and academia that the soul is created with the body but then the soul lives on in heaven or in punishment after you die. They also believe reincarnation is not possible. Also, that we are the center of the universe and there is no other life outside of this world. Scientists on the other hand believe there is no soul; that consciousness can only exist within the human mind.

Believing miracles only happen through magic and magic only happens through illusion. So the fight over truth and lies continued to keep society in the dark. As you begin to look at the science behind the photons, quarks and atoms and see that everything is made from vibration and frequency which energy is the combination of the two, then you will begin to see the light. The confusion has been that energy is light when in reality; energy is the result of vibration and frequency coming together. Light is the direct result of raising vibration and frequency high enough to create photons. Those photons are then picked up by the cones and rods in your eyes to see the “illusion” of light.